6 Weird and Awesome Trees To See

These 10 trees are going to blow your mind. They seem out of this world they are so weird. It should be on your bucket list to actually go see each and every one of them. Without further ado I bring to you the 10 weird trees. 


  1. Rainbow Eucalyptus – This neat looking tree should make you glow with happiness. It is an amazing display of color in nature. They grow in the Philippines and New Guinea. They also grow in a few other warm clients throughout the earth. They grow quick and blast their way all the way up to 250 feet. There is a reason this tree looks the way it does, and it has to do with the bark. The bark comes off at different times and as the tree changes after the bark comes off it has this beautiful array of colors. It truly does look like a rainbow as the   name suggests! 
  2. Blue Jacaranda- This tree grows in areas where it doesn’t frost. Mainly South America. What makes these trees so neat is the flowers that grow in bunches. The flowers are a pretty indigo color and really pop from September to November. Just one look at these trees and you will see why they made the list.
  3. Banyan Trees- These bad boys can make the list for their age alone. One tree in India is known to be over 250 years old. What really make these trees odd is how they start. They don’t grow in the ground. The seeds get into small cracks and grooves in other trees and they start growing from there. They eventually kill the original tree and cause a hollow center. They look like a labyrinth. They are very large trees and can bewilder the mind.
  4. Dragon’s Blood Tree- If you look at the picture it kind of looks like a giant mushroom. As the name suggests it bleeds dark red blood. If you cut the outside it looks just as if you sliced open human skin. It drips with dark red blood. The dye has been used for many things including cloth, medicine, ink and more.
  5. Joshua Tree- This desert dweller is so unique not only because of the look but because it can grow with such little water. The tree grows up to around 50 feet tall, but the roots grow down to 36 ft. They do that to try and find water and give it a greater chance to get a drink when it does rain since rain in the desert drains through the sand very quickly.
  6. Japanese Maple Tree- This Asian maple tree has many different forms of leaves and an array of colors including red, orange, blue, purple, green. They grow upwards of 50ft. This one made the list because it has so many varieties and is an ornamental wonder!


Now that you have read about them and seen pictures of them all you have to do is go see them. Thank you for reading this piece on the 6 weird and awesome trees to see. 

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