We are a fully licensed and reputable tree service company in Germantown TN.  Our goal is to provide top notch service for your trees and that includes all of the following. CALL US NOW 662-291-7277

  • Tree cutting- We cut, chop, saw, dice, slice, and trim trees. It is as simple as that. We have been offering our tree cutting services for years and have gained a lot of experience in those years. Farmers Insurance says “we know a lot because we have seen a lot.” We feel like we are living that quote, we have seen a ton of different jobs in the tree service industry. Tight spaces, open spaces, closed spaces, on hills, in holes, steep incline, steep decline, tall, short, fat, skinny, sideways, and every other type of tree trimming job you can think up we have done and that has given us invaluable experience. 
  • Tree Removal- Take it down, Get rid of it, leave it lay, chop it up, turn it into sawdust, give us firewood, haul it off, remove it- These are all different ways to say you want a tree removed and that is exactly what we do. We remove it. We can even grind the stump and cover the hole up with dirt so you can plant some nice sod or grass on top. In a few days that luscious green grass will be growing so good you wont even know a tree existed in that particular spot. It will be the results you want because that is what we want. 
  • Tree Thinning- The main reason we get this request is to make the grass or garden grow better. We go through the tree and meticulously remove certain limbs that obstruct the sunlight from coming through. This if for the home owner that loves the tree but also loves the sunshine. Let us get that light through the tree for you. Some people also want it to allow more wind to come through but it is less common. Either way, wind or light, we have you covered with our tree thinning capabilities. 
  • Crown Trimming- It is to trim up the crown of the tree. This is so the tree doesn’t become top heavy or lopsided. If it does it may slowly lean more and more. The next thing you know you have a tree laying on the ground. Another thing that can happen is that it just flat out drops or snaps and comes crashing down. No one to even give you a heads up yelling timber for a warning. We don’t want that and neither do you. Sit back, chill out, and let us trim it up. 
  • Tree Service- It’s what you would expect us to do when we work. We offer tree service all around. 
  • Pruning-  This will tidy up your look and keep the limbs from going crazy one way or another. We keep them branches in check by cutting them back to where they should be. 
  • Shrub Removal- Shrub removals can be a pain for the average person. That is why we added this as a service. We can come in, chop it down at the base. We can add a little bit of plant killer to the base if you would like to make sure it dies. 
  • Brush Removal- Is this on your “gonna get to it” list? We can help mark that one out. Call us and then take a big fat sharpie, and put a line right through it. We can come out with our razzy tazzy chipper and feed that brush in like hogs eating slop. It will be gone in a jif.
  • Storm Damage Clean Up- We all have the same hope that a storm isn’t coming through to tear up your property. We don’t plan on the tree landing on your automobile or home. We don’t want it to crash through your roof, or bust out your windows, but here we are. It has happened and now you are left to deal with the aftermath. Call us and we work with most insurance companies to get the tree part taken care of. It’s what we do!