Trees For Your Garden and Lawn

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Here at Germantown Tree Trimming we are always looking to increase our understanding of trees. It is important because of the work we do everyday in the business of trees. It would only make sense to keep learning since we have requests for tree trimming, tree removal, and people asking about trees in the Germantown area. 

Backyard Tree before removal

If you have a garden and you have trees the book we just went through had some fantastic information we want to discuss. This book entitled Trees For The Yard and Garden. Author: John Cushnie here is a quick piece we like in particular. 


The numbers in parentheses indicate the hardiness zones.

Trees are an integral part of the garden makeup. In planting terms, they may be thought of as large shrubs with the same dynamic mix of foliage, flowers, and fruit. Even a single tree can influence the atmosphere and the physical appearance of its surrounding area. When a suitable species is given the correct conditions, its size may continue to control the site for generations; there is a future for trees long after our own existence. They should be planted for our enjoyment, but they also play an important role in screening the garden for privacy and shelter, and a tree-lined avenue makes an impressive welcome to any home while a single mature specimen planted in a lawn is always a statement to be heeded. 

Right A living screen providing shelter and privacy to a “secret garden.” Early summer foliage and flowers are still fresh as a daisy. 

Below Trees are adaptable and may be trimmed into shape,. This apple tree (Malus ‘Orleans Reinette’) rewards your efforts with wonderful fruit and the espalier shape allows them all to get a suntan.”

Specimen trees for a lawn

There is no more spectacular sight than a mature tree, set in grass, without neighboring plants to obscure its magnificence. As a solitary specimen it is not cramped and can spread to its full span. It doesn;t have to be a large tree – its size should fit its surroundings. In addition to those listed here, small weeping trees such as the weeping purple beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea Pendula’) can be eye0catching in a small lawn. 

Ideal trees to plant as specimens include the yellow buckeye or American chestnut (Aesculus flava); the Indian bean tree (Catalpa bignoniodes), which produces large trusses of white flowers with purple and yellow spots in summer, followed by long thin pods of seed; the evergreen Chilean fire bush (Embothrium coccineum), whose clusters of tubular scarlet flowers in late spring and early summer light up the dark green foliage; the cider gum (Eucalyptus gunnii), another evergreen, which may grow too large for many gardens but has startling blue-green juvenile foliage which is loved by flower arrangers; the bird cherry (Prunus padus ‘Watereri’), whose hanging racemes of fragrant white flowers in late spring have a decidedly “uncherry” look; and the evergreen Eucryphia xnymansenis ‘Nymansay,’ which will impress the neighbors with its summer display of fragrant white flowers. And there is always Amelanchier lamarckii, gorgeous at any time of the year.”

See this is spectacular information. We went into Specimen for a lawn as well because we wanted to point out how inclusive this is. Very good ideas and knowledge for us in the tree business. If you ever need help on our trees please call us at. 662-291-7277. Thank you.

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